Letter to Readers

Dear readers, 

Like you, we're exhausted. Exhausted from watching anti-Black racism infiltrate our streets, our offices, systems and even among our children. Exhausted from finding remedies to a system that is fundamentally challenged, rooted in the oppression of Black, Indigenous and racialized groups. Exhausted from wondering why resilient and diverse voices are an afterthought to every other problem of the day. 

The past few months have shaken race relations around the world, particularly in North America. We're encouraged by the vast majority of companies who have come forth and taken a stand on anti-Black racism. The pledge to do better will invariably bring forth some action but we commit to sustain these actions and challenge existing structures, every day. 


Almost a year ago, when Plumose was first conceived, our journey began with one mission—the mission to shatter decades old barriers to the publishing industry that, through conscious and unconscious bias, select, promote and normalize white stories over the truth and lived experiences of Black, Indigenous and racialized people and authors. Plumose, we dreamed, would be the platform that would promote and showcase the immense talent of Black, Indigenous and racialized authors and bring these experiences to the forefront. Plumose would be the place where Black, Indigenous and racialized readers, particularly young people, would find stories that are reflective of their journeys and that connect them to their roots and hearts. 


A year later, we are working hard to collect, connect and bring these voices to you. Now and moving forward, we commit to carry forward this mission, listen, learn and do our best to promote Black, Indigenous and racialized stories, amplifying these voices across the world.


Western literature has long neglected stories written by BIPOC authors. Whether it's in the editorial backrooms or the shelves in our favourite bookstore, the disrespect is stark and shameful. We'll never do that at Plumose, and we will spend every second of our time normalizing, highlighting and promoting diverse stories, expanding its reach and changing morning commutes, schools, libraries and spare time reading.


The time is now to raise our voices, and we hope you join us in this fight. 

Yours truly,