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About Plumose

Plumose is a digital short story publishing platform for unique and culturally diverse stories from Black, Indigenous and global communities around the world.

Our mission is to reinvigorate the joy in reading and writing literature. 

For centuries, story-telling and writing have been an integral part of ancient Indigenous, African, South Asian East Asian and Latin cultures. These regions saw incredible cultural renaissances through its history, as a result of the powerful stories, philosophies and ideas of its people.


Despite this, today's best-selling lists, mass publication markets and the book industry are dominated by tales from Western authors. Modern-day oppression continues to stifle, silence and sideline powerful stories and talent from Black, Indigenous and racialized communities. 

At Plumose, our platform is unabashedly different from any other publisher in the world.

Integrity, respect and authenticity for diverse voices is the essence of our service. For readers, it means opening the gateways for true stories of joy, struggle and lessons from authors around the world. For Black, Indigenous and racialized writers, it means putting their lived experiences at the forefront of our platform - not the back, and not in a separate genre.


Together, we can elevate these much-needed voices in a divisive world and build a global community for storytelling. 


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